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Art Trial Class_Digital Painting (Procreate)

Art Trial Class_Digital Painting (Procreate)

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Trial Course Name: Digital Painting

Remember to bring your device equipped with Procreate software. 

Please comment the date you want to come for the trial. It will be appreciated if you send us some of your digital artworks for review after the booking. 

Course Overview:

Digital Painting combines traditional painting techniques with digital art tools to create a comprehensive learning experience. This course utilizes Procreate, covering essential skills and concepts in digital painting. Students will delve into Procreate tutorials, painting basics, color theory, and composition techniques, all designed to foster creativity and aesthetic sensibility.

Course Objectives:

  • Master basic operations within Procreate.
  • Understand painting fundamentals, including lines, colors, and lighting.
  • Develop observational and expressive skills.
  • Enhance creativity and imagination.
  • Improve digital art expression capabilities.

Course Structure:

First Term (10 classes): Basics of Digital Painting

  • Introduction to Procreate: software basics and navigation.
  • Discovering hidden tools, making digital illustration both enjoyable and straightforward.
  • Exploring digital effects, layers, color theory, and palettes.
  • Learning various brushes and textures, experimenting with different tools and adjustments.
  • Tracing, sketching linework, creating smooth shading, blending colors, and masking layers.
  • Experimenting with typography and calligraphy.

Second Term (10 classes): Digital Painting

  • Still Life Painting:
    • Composition and layout.
    • Sketching and coloring.
    • Representing light, shadow, and texture.
  • Figure Painting:
    • Proportions and structure.
    • Head and facial structure.
    • Dynamics and posture.

Third Term (10 classes): Creative Project

  • Determining themes and conceptualizing.
  • Creating and refining artwork.
  • Presenting and critiquing artwork.

Teaching Methodology:

The course integrates theoretical knowledge with practical application. Instructors will demonstrate techniques, followed by student practice sessions for immediate problem-solving. Personalized guidance and tutoring will adapt to the individual levels and needs of students.

Additional Information:

  • Students are required to provide their own iPad or another device that supports Procreate.
  • A certain level of traditional painting skill is expected.

    Location: Gladesville Campus, Shop3, 260 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW 2111

    Free Parking:

    Free parking at the school front Victoria Road in the weekend and site street parking.


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