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Can my child, who is almost 5 years old, enroll in the art class?

Yes. It’s suggested that you book a free trial class for him/her. The art tutor will help define if your child is really interested in art, and which level he/she is in, and which class is preferred for him/her.

My child is 12 years old and talented. Which class should they enroll in?

It’s advised you enroll your child in Teens class. For students aged 10 and above, we have mixed classes with fewer than 10 students, tailored to different skill levels. The art tutor will provide them different coaching depending on their various skills.

What do you teach in the holiday program courses?

Please visit our website to view the daily course schedule. Our holiday art program offers a variety of different lessons each day.

If my child and their two friends enroll in the holiday program together, is there a discount?

Sorry, we only offer a discount for more than one child from the same family. The total discount is 15%.

My 6-year-old might find the full-day holiday class tiring. What's the schedule like?

No worries! We encourage children to make friends. There are snack breaks in the morning and afternoon, as well as lunch breaks with a movie. The children will have a joyful and fun-filled day.

My child has autism. Can they join the holiday program?

If the autism is mild and the child can attend classes independently, it should be fine.

Can I enroll my child in half-day holiday classes?

Yes, it's possible, but the minimum enrollment is for 2 half-days, totaling $120. Please remember to add your requirement in the “Check Out” page.

My child needs medication and has allergies during the School Holiday Program. What should I do?

As long as parents communicate in advance with us, we can remind the child to take medication on time. Our provided snacks do not contain nuts and are locally processed safe foods and beverages. Please remember to add your requirement in the “Check Out” page as well.

What will my child learn in your kids’ art class?

For students aged 4~9, they will learn line drawing, introductory pencil and colored pencil sketches, watercolor painting, crayon drawing, and oil pastels, among other techniques.

My child is in 11th grade and will take the HSC Visual Arts exam next year. Can they enroll in your HSC art class?

Yes. Please refer to our website for HSC course details. Our HSC small class occupies 1~4 students only. Each student receives specific theme coaching in art and painting skills until the completion of the artwork. The class is taught by our experienced HSC Visual Arts tutors. I prefer you book a free trial class and discuss with our art tutor a plan to assess the student's painting abilities, then make the decision.

My 8-year-old has exceptional artistic talent. Can she join the Teens’ class?

 It is best for children to be in the same class with peers to facilitate communication and friendship. The tutor can provide individual attention and guidance on her higher level drawing skills.

What will my child learn in your Teens’ art class?

For students aged 10 and above, it's a crucial period to establish a solid foundation in realistic painting. They will learn 3D sketching, charcoal drawing, color composition, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting, covering classical to modern art.

Does the art school accept art vouchers, and what they can be used for?

We accept NSW Creative Kids Voucher. The number of the voucher starts with 9999. Please be careful not to confuse them with Sports vouchers. They can be used to pay art classes and art events. Please provide the number and DOB of the kid to claim the voucher.