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Teens (10~17 yrs) - Term2 classes - Starts on 2/5/2024

Teens (10~17 yrs) - Term2 classes - Starts on 2/5/2024

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Intermediate/Senior Class:

This fine arts course is designed for students with intermediate drawing abilities who wish to explore advanced artistic techniques. The Mastering Art class is tailored for individuals ready to elevate their skills, focusing on achieving greater three-dimensionality and realism in their artwork. The curriculum covers a range of projects, including depictions of animals, nature, still life, cartoons, the human form, works inspired by various master artists, and landscapes. The course places emphasis on mastering shading, understanding perspective, refining composition, and creating polished, finished pieces. Students will be actively encouraged to cultivate their unique style and adopt a creative approach to their work.

Course Content:

Sketching with charcoal/charcoal sticks, master color imitation, life drawing, gouache/watercolor/oil painting.

Drawing Subjects:

Figures, animals, flowers, landscapes, and creative compositions.

Class Information:

  • Number of Classes: There are 10 classes for each Term.
  • Enrollment Recommendation: It's recommended that you enroll your teen for a full Term. If you want to enroll in less than 10 classes or have other requirements, please Contact Us.
  • Art Tools and Materials: Remember to bring your art tools and materials or buy them from the shop.

2024 Term 2 Attention:

  • The first day of Week 1 is 29/4/2024, Mon, and the last day of Week 10 is 7/7/2024, Sun. The class will continue on public holidays.
  • If you miss one class, please make up the class in other sessions or during the School Holiday Program.
  • There are 10 regular term classes in Term 2. 

Location: Gladesville Campus, Shop3, 260 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW 2111

Free Parking:

Free parking at the school front Victoria Road (10AM~3PM, 2hrs in weekday) and site street parking.

For your convenience, the bank account of the school is as below, if you like to pay by bank transfer: 

  • Account Name: Prince Gallery
  • BSB: 062-140
  • ACC: 1173-3975


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