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Discover Art: Drawing Class for Kids (Ages 6~12)_9 Classes_Starts on 27/7/2024_Sat(Kellyville Campus)

Discover Art: Drawing Class for Kids (Ages 6~12)_9 Classes_Starts on 27/7/2024_Sat(Kellyville Campus)

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Location: Room HB11, Sherwood Ridge Public School, 34 Rosebery Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155

Course Overview:
Embark on an artistic adventure at our Discover Art: Drawing Class designed specifically for young artists. From the fundamentals of line and shape to the exploration of color and texture, students will dive into the world of art drawing. Our experienced instructors will guide each child through a variety of drawing techniques, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

Class Schedule:

  • Term Duration: 9 weeks, one class per week, starts on 27/7/2024_Sat
  • Weekly Class: Every Saturday
  • Sessions:
    • Morning: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Noon: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Afternoon: 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM (coming soon)

Class Size: Max 15 students for each session.

Curriculum Highlights:

Week 1: Welcome to the World of Drawing

  • Introduction to the class, understanding art materials.
  • Fun ice-breaker drawing activities to foster a creative environment.

Week 2: Exploring Basic Shapes

  • Learn about basic shapes (circles, squares, triangles) and how they form the basis of all drawings.
  • Create fun characters and objects using basic shapes.

Week 3: Lines and Their Expressions

  • Discover the different types of lines (straight, curved, zigzag) and their expressive potential.
  • Experiment with line drawings to express various emotions.

Week 4: Combining Shapes and Lines

  • Combine learned shapes and lines to create more complex drawings.
  • Introduction to simple objects drawing like fruits, simple animals.

Week 5: Introduction to Shading

  • Basic shading techniques using pencils to bring drawings to life.
  • Practice shading on simple shapes to understand light and shadow.

Week 6: Texture Exploration

  • Learn to create different textures (smooth, rough, bumpy) in drawings.
  • Apply textures to drawings of objects from nature (leaves, rocks).

Week 7: Creating Depth with Overlapping

  • Simple exercises to understand the concept of depth through overlapping shapes.
  • Draw a scene with objects in the foreground and background.

Week 8: Introduction to Perspective

  • Basic introduction to perspective with one-point perspective drawing.
  • Draw a simple landscape or room using perspective techniques.

Week 9: Bringing it All Together: My Favorite Place

  • Students choose their favorite place (real or imaginary) and draw it using the techniques learned.
  • Share and discuss artworks, fostering a supportive and positive classroom environment.

    Nurturing Every Artist: Our Adaptive Approach for Diverse Skill Levels:

    At our art school, we're dedicated to nurturing every student's artistic journey, regardless of their skill level. We understand some students may come to us with advanced drawing skills, and we're prepared to ensure they find our classes challenging and rewarding. Here's how we cater to all levels:

    1. Individualized Challenges: We provide personalized challenges within projects to push advanced students further.
    2. Peer Mentoring: Advanced students are encouraged to help their peers, enriching the learning experience for both.
    3. Additional Projects: We offer more complex assignments to engage advanced students deeply.
    4. Self-Directed Learning: Students with higher skills are supported in setting personal goals and pursuing projects that interest them, under our guidance.
    5. Diverse Mediums and Techniques: We introduce a variety of art mediums and techniques for students to explore and master.
    6. Art Critiques and Discussions: Our classes include critiques and discussions to foster a deeper understanding of art.
    7. Feedback and Personal Growth: One-on-one feedback sessions help advanced students set and achieve personal artistic goals.

    Our goal is to create an inclusive and stimulating environment where every student can thrive and grow. We're committed to ensuring that our art classes provide a rich, engaging experience for all students, encouraging them to explore their creativity and potential fully.

    Materials and Tools:
    All art materials and tools will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring their creativity and enthusiasm!

    Our classes are taught by experienced art educators passionate about inspiring young minds. With a focus on individual growth and expression, our instructors ensure a supportive and enriching learning environment.

    Special Offer for Siblings:
    Encourage creativity among siblings! Enroll two or more children from the same family and receive a 15% discount on enrollment fees for each child.

    Tel: 02 8817 0898
    What's app: 04 3203 7792

    For your convenience, the bank account of the school is as below, if you like to pay by bank transfer: 

    • Account Name: Prince Gallery
    • BSB: 062-140
    • ACC: 1173-3975


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