Programs for High School

To support the development of community art education, we have specially designed the following courses for high schools in our community. We welcome high schools to arrange for their students to attend workshops at our art school and experience different styles of painting.


Workshop Plan for High School Students

Location: Prince Gallery Art School, Shop 3, 260 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111

Frequency: 4 times per week

Duration: 2 hours per session

Capacity: Up to 32 students per session

Program Offerings

1. Sketching

Reference Master: Leonardo da Vinci, focusing on his sketchbooks

Significance: Da Vinci's sketches are a testament to his detailed study of the human body, nature, and engineering. It encourages students to observe and document the world with precision.

2. Charcoal Painting

Reference Master: Henry Moore, known for his charcoal drawings of shelter scenes

Significance: Moore's work highlights the use of charcoal for creating dramatic contrasts and depth, teaching students about form and volume.

3. Acrylic Painting

Reference Master: Claude Monet, especially his "Water Lilies" series

Significance: Monet's work showcases the impressionist technique of capturing the natural light and movement. It teaches students about the use of color and light in painting.

4. Gouache Painting

Reference Master: Henri Matisse, focusing on his "The Cut-Outs" series

Significance: Matisse's late-career gouache cutouts show the potential for bold color and abstract shapes, encouraging creativity and experimentation.

5. Oil Painting

Reference Master: Vincent Van Gogh, with an emphasis on "Starry Night"

Significance: Van Gogh's expressive brushwork and vibrant color palette exemplify personal emotional expression through art.

6. Watercolor Painting

Reference Master: J.M.W. Turner, especially his landscape watercolors

Significance: Turner's use of watercolors to capture light and atmospheric effects teaches students about layering and the fluidity of the medium.

7. Line Drawing

Reference Master: Pablo Picasso, focusing on his minimalist line drawings

Significance: Picasso's line drawings demonstrate how a single line can convey complex forms and emotions, emphasizing simplicity and creativity.

8. Digital Painting

Reference Master: Android Jones, known for his digital art

Significance: Jones' work blends traditional art techniques with digital tools, showing students the limitless possibilities of digital media in art.


Each workshop will begin with a brief introduction to the art form and the master artist being referenced. Students will then engage in creating their own pieces under the guidance of professional instructors, culminating in the completion of an artwork by the end of the session.

This program provides a comprehensive overview of various artistic mediums and techniques, enriching students' artistic skills and knowledge while inspiring them to explore their own creative potential.

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