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Adults (18~ yrs) - Term2 classes - Starts on 1/5/2024

Adults (18~ yrs) - Term2 classes - Starts on 1/5/2024

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Adult Art Classes:

This course is designed for beginning and intermediate art levels and is led by professional artist coaches. We maintain small class sizes to create a friendly environment, ensuring plenty of attention is given to each student. The coaches are degree/diploma-qualified and active artists.

Teaching Approach:

Our adult art class adopts an open-minded teaching style. Students will learn to use a variety of drawing and painting materials and explore different themes. We believe that each art material and subject matter mutually support and enhance progress. For example, a landscape painter can benefit from drawing characters well, and a modern abstract painter needs basic skills in color language expression. The course emphasizes the interconnectedness of skills across various artistic domains, fostering a well-rounded artistic foundation.


We believe that students' mastery of a variety of art materials and techniques is foundational and indispensable for the road of modern art. This mastery enables adult students to understand their potential, discover and explore their inner world. Learning from the excellent works of old masters and establishing a solid foundation and skills in painting empower students to "fly freely in the sky of the art world."

Course Content:

  • 4 terms in a year
  • Classes include: Sketch, Charcoal, Colour pencil, Soft pastels, Oil pastel, Watercolor, Acrylic painting, Oil painting, Pouring painting, Abstract painting, Comics and illustrations, Theme creation, Oriental art, Chinese ink drawing.

This diverse range of content, covering classical drawing and painting, modern art, and sketching, ensures a comprehensive exploration of artistic expressions for adult students.

Location: Gladesville Campus, Shop3, 260 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW 2111

Free Parking:

Shop front on Victoria Road (2 hours parking 10 am~3pm, Mon~Fri; all day on Sat~Sun). Side street parking and Gerard Lane at the rear of the building.

    Class Information:

    • Number of Classes: There are 10 classes for each Term.
    • Enrollment Recommendation: It's recommended that you enroll for a full Term. If you want to enroll in fewer than 10 classes or have other requirements, please Contact Us, or just book a single class to give it a try. 
    • Art Tools and Materials: Remember to bring your art tools and materials or buy them from the school.

    2024 Term 2 Attention:

    • The first day of Week 1 is 29/4/2024, Mon, and the last day of Week 10 is 7/7/2024, Sun. The class will continue on public holidays.
    • If you miss one class, please make up the class in other sessions.
    • There are 10 regular term classes in Term 2. 

    2024 Term 1 Attention:

    • The 1st week of 2024 Term 1 starts on 6/2/2024, Tue, and the 10th week ends on 12/4/2024, Fri. The class will continue on public holidays, such as 29/2/2024 Good Friday.
    • If you miss the class, please make up the class on another date.

    For your convenience, the bank account of the school is as below, if you like to pay by bank transfer: 

    • Account Name: Prince Gallery
    • BSB: 062-140
    • ACC: 1173-3975

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