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Birthday Party - Min 10 persons - 2.5 hrs

Birthday Party - Min 10 persons - 2.5 hrs

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Private Art Party in Our Inspiring Art-Gallery Studio:

Book a private, exciting, and fun-filled party in our inspiring art-gallery studio. Our friendly teachers will provide step-by-step coaching to guide your members in exploring the wonderful world of painting to produce their own masterpieces. 

Party Details:

  • Duration: 2.5-hour private party session (20 min for preparation, then 1 hr painting, 1 hr Food Party time, the last 10 min for packing and cleaning)
  • BYO (Bring Your Own): Birthday cake/ Food & Drinks, Snacks, Party tableware, decorations.
  • Coaching Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. All art materials provided: aprons, canvas, brushes, palettes, and paints.
  • Take-Home: Bring home wonderful finished canvas paintings!
  • Photos: Group photo with finished artwork. 
  • Big Screen: The art school offers a complimentary design for a party poster to be displayed on the big screen, creating a full atmosphere.
  • Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Bluetooth: Search "Logi Z607" and pair it, playing your dedicated lovely birthday party songs. 


  • 120 sq meter large studio, located in Shop3, 260 Victoria Rd, Gladesville NSW 2111
  • 80 sqm courtyard (with foldable table and chairs)

Free Parking:

Shop front on Victoria Road (Unlimited free parking in the weekend). Side street parking and Gerard Lane at the rear of the building.

    Accessible Facilities:

    We are committed to ensuring accessibility for all our guests, including those with disabilities. Our facilities include a ramp designed for wheelchair users, providing easy access to our premises. Additionally, we offer a specially equipped toilet with disability-friendly features to ensure comfort and convenience for everyone.


    • $50 per person who attends the art session, a minimum of 10 kids/persons.
    • The extra fee will be paid on the date in the school.

    Booking Steps:

    1. Choose a time slot.
    2. Choose a Picture: View all images on our website and choose a picture with the corresponding number. The chosen picture will be used for the drawing class during the party. If you have your own specific picture, please email to 
    3. Payment: Make the payment online, including comments with the name and age of the guest of honor, the number of the chosen picture, and any other relevant details.


    • Consider the Neighborhood: Please minimize noise when playing in the courtyard. No whistles.
    • Safety: Climbing the fence is prohibited.
    • Clean-Up: Please take away the rubbish after the party.

    Q1: We are planning to have a gelato cake. Do you have a freezer or just a fridge?
    A: Yes. There is one fridge.

    Q2: We have more than 10 kids attending. When do I need to confirm the final numbers?
    A: On the party day in the school.

    Q3: Do we just sort any additional payment on the day or is that required before?
    A: On the day.

    Q4: Do you have any instructions that I can share re parking/ getting to the place? Or is street parking available?

    A: For the host:
    You are authorized to park in the building's car park. Please proceed to the rear of the building to find the entrance.
    Upon arrival at the entrance, press "3" and I will open the door for you. Note that I will be at the school 30 minutes in advance to assist you.
    After entering the car park, turn right immediately to find a visitor parking spot or a spot marked with "S3". Upon exiting your car, select an elevator and press "G" or "0" to reach the ground level. (There are two elevators; I recommend using the one on the upper floor for convenience.) Once you exit the elevator, make your way out of the building, turn left, and you will see our shop.

    For others:
    Please refer to the above Free Parking map. Please pay attention to the park sign above if you park in front of the school.


    For your convenience, the bank account of the school is as below, if you like to pay by bank transfer: 

    • Account Name: Prince Gallery
    • BSB: 062-140
    • ACC: 1173-3975
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