Morris Yang - Award Portrait Artist / Senior tutor

Morris Yang is an outstanding Australian contemporary oil painter. He absorbed the lessons of his favourite old master­Rembrandt and the later impressionists in their initiative in colours. His motto: light is the life of the painting while the edges and brushwork are the soul. He has loved painting since childhood. No matter the ups and downs in his life, he never gave up his true love - Art. In recent years, Morris has studied extensively and trained hard in oil painting and art coaching, especially in portrait painting. Rembrandt is his favourite classical portrait painter, who, in his late years, started using the broad brushwork to make the image not as frozen felling in his early work but rather potentially dynamic in his later years. American modern masters Richard Schmidt, David A Leffel, Norwegian figurative painter Odd Nerdrum and a few modern Chinese artists have inspired and influenced his artistic style. Morris likes to show the emotions and the soul of the most magical creature God has ever created for the world - human beings. He is engrossed with the light, shadow and brush strokes in the picture as he believes that the brushwork is the embodiment of the painter's wisdom and superb experience. They help to express the painters' ideas to the viewers. In addition, the strokes make the picture more artistic. Morris participated in live painting and painting exhibit

He is a member of the Parramatta Art Association and the Castle Hill Artist Group, as well as many other Australia art groups. His works are widely loved and collected by people. Morris' oil paintings were selected as the cover of Australia famous artist group association. Whether face-to-face or in the virtual world, Morris said that the process of artistic creation is more important than the result, especially in the digital world where more beautiful pictures can be made. It is this process that gives people the opportunity to create their own world with their own hands or use painting tools to create the beauty in their hearts. Morris is passionate about teaching youth art. Children are the future of art, innovation and inspiration lead the world's trends and technology. Morris is now the head painter and senior tutor at Prince Gallery Art School.