Lan Jian / Artist- HSC visual art coaching - Principal

Lan Jian

Portrait commission artist Lan is an artist with rich feelings and life experience .Graduated from Beijing ·central Academy of Fine Arts and Design· with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1985 and immigrated to Sydney in the same year. She loves painting since she was a child. Painting can bring happiness and drive away loneliness to soothe the soul. Lan live in Sydney for 35 years, and have gained a lot of love and experiences here. Currently she live in Gladesville and run Prince gallery and art school .She educating children and adult in art. This often draws surprises and inspiration. she paint a variety of themes and unlimited styles. Anything she like, anything which touches her heart, she draw and paint specialise in contemporary portraiture and figure painting in a creative mode. Her emotions are drawn from Western and oriental cultures. Her portraits works are colourful and lively. her models are students of her art school and portrait commission clients.

In recent 10 years, Lan actively participating in art exhibitions and artist exchanges. Her works have been selected into Sydney municipal and private art exhibitions many times, and her art works have been collected by private and municipal governments in Australia and in China.

"HSC Visual Art" Themes and skills Coaching . Lan's students achieved impressive results in previous entrance HSC.

Lan has won many art awards including the Hunters Hill 2014 painting Award. Her student's art works have been finalists and win Young Archie Portrait Competitions ,George river art prize, Mosman Youth Art prizes. Easter Show Art Competitions. Northern beaches Art Awards and more