Kids/Teens Courses Term 3 / 9 classes enrol now ! Start : Mon 18th July 2022

$450.00 incl. GST

15% discount applies for 2 kids
20% discount applies for 3 kids
25% discount applies for 4 kids

Art Classes for Kids and Teens $50/ 1.5-2 hrs class ( term 3 start 18th July 2022)

4 Terms per year- 9 classes per term        (On-site art materials store  for convenience/Australia made good quality brand )

Annual Student Art Prizes and Grand Exhibition

Recognising and fostering children’s individual talents, and specialising in Realistic Art for kids aged 5 to 18 with small class sizes of fewer than 10 students.

Sketch drawing /Charcoal/colour pencil/Cartoon/Soft pastels/Water colour/Acrylic painting/Oil painting

We have had outstanding success in supporting students in their achievement of high HSC Visual Arts results and with various NSW Art competitions. Our students have won many awards from competitions such as the prestigious Young Archie Award, Mosman Youth Art Prize, Georges River Art Prize and Easter Show Art Competition.

Our tutors are Award-winning professional artists with Fine Arts qualifications.

All teachers have Working with Children checks WWCC & are fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

Expected Outcomes for Students

Guided by our passionate and highly qualified tutors, children will:

*Establish a solid foundation of drawing and painting skills

*Experiment with a variety of techniques

*Investigate and practice using different art mediums

*Explore and cultivate their own creative expression

*Develop their own artistic confidence and style

Surrounded by a vast collection of art pieces, Prince Gallery Art School provides a teaching environment that stimulates creativity and inspiration.

Creative Kids voucher welcome!

How to Apply for your Creative Kids Voucher

  1. Enrol and pay your child in any Art Class & school holiday art camp at Prince Gallery Art School.
  2. At the checkout  ” Comments  form “enter your Creative Kids Voucher number+ Kid s Birth date.
  3. Your voucher will be validated on the same business day.
  4. Once your voucher number is validated you will receive a refund of $100.
  5. You will then receive a confirmed registration of your child into their chosen class.


For further queries contact our office  02 8817 0898  mobile/WhatsApp 041866988

Payments made via direct debit can be made to:

  • Account Name: Prince Gallery Art School
  • Name of bank: ANZ Bank
  • BSB: 012295    Account #: 309424127    

Creative Kids Voucher is accepted for enrolment: Pay online and fill in your voucher detail + kids birth date  or Email us your voucher details + kids birth dates. We will email you the balance invoice-amount for bank transfer.


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我們是該地區最好的藝術學校之一。憑藉我們高素質的導師和良好的工作室環境,我們的兒童課程適合兒童和青少年,旨在探索創造力和發展他們的美術技能。年輕的學生將發現和發展他們的藝術才能。每個班級都將根據每個學生的個人能力量身定制,並將給予很多關注,以確保學生從我們屢獲殊榮的藝術家那裡獲得高質量的學習。我們的藝術家導師在藝術界擁有豐富的經驗,擁有來自世界上最好的大學的美術學士學位。學生將在畫廊令人印象深刻的繪畫作品中展示各種風格的繪畫作品。我們的學生憑藉其極富創造力的人才,在學校取得優異成績並贏得澳洲各种儿童青少年绘画大赛奖和 阿奇博肖像画獎項,取得了優異成績。我們教授繪畫技巧,以培養他們的藝術成就或未來的職業生涯,並認識每個孩子的個人才能。我們教授粉彩,彩色鉛筆,素描,水彩,丙烯酸和油畫技法,新增卡通人物課程。我們相信學習古典大師素描是繪畫技巧的基礎。我們的學生將學習各種不同類型的繪畫和藝術材料,以創造不同風格的藝術,從傳統藝術到當代藝術。我們將班級規模保持在每班10名學生以下!欢迎预定一节试课-绘画課程。开启艺术之梦想。地址: 260 Victoria Road. Gladesville . NSW 2111 门前停车位/画校楼的后街进入prince gallery 顾客停车场/旁街自由停车。 家长进入画室需出示疫苗证书。

如需进一步查询,请联系我们的办公室 02 8817 0898 手机/WhatsApp 041866988


账户名称:Prince gallery Art School

银行名称:ANZ Bank 

BSB:012295 账号:309424127

接受 Creative Kids Voucher $100 代金券报名:通过电子邮件将您的券号码详情和孩子的出生日期发送给我们。我们将通过电子邮件向您发送学费余额发票金额。 您可以银行转账学费。

Kids’ Art Works

1: Sick leave only. No class fee refund for sick leave, but  make-up classes after  the end of the term can be given. A maximum of 2 sick leave per  term. (rescheduled to an alternative course date need get approved by Art school)

2: No shows  & No call/email  will be charged the full amount of the class fee without refund & mark-up classes.

3: On the rare circumstance, Prince Gallery cancels a course or a class , all students will be offered a full refund or booking transfer option.