Maria Kozak - Assistant

Hello! My name is Maria Kozak, and I am an art teacher with a passion that transcends the conventional confines of a classroom. Artistry is more than a profession for me; it's a way of life. It's the lens through which I view the world, and a language that allows me to express my deepest thoughts and emotions.

The bulk of my career has been devoted to teaching art to both children and adults, nurturing their raw talent and inspiring them to embrace their creativity. I firmly believe that within everyone lies an artist waiting to be discovered, and it's my mission to help my students unlock that potential.

My educational background in Arts has equipped me with skills in various forms of art, including painting, and digital art. This broad spectrum of expertise not only enhances my own artistic endeavors but also enables me to cater to the diverse interests of my students.

Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of teaching art in a variety of settings and environments. Regardless of where I find myself, my goal has always been the same: to inspire my students to create, express, and explore their creative boundaries fearlessly.

What sets me apart as an art teacher is my unique approach to instruction. I don't believe in rigid structures or one-size-fits-all lesson plans. Instead, I strive to create a nurturing and collaborative environment where my students feel free to explore their own style and technique. Each class is designed to be a journey of self-discovery, where every brushstroke, sketch, and sculpture becomes a reflection of the student's unique perspective.

In addition to teaching, I continue to actively pursue my own artistic endeavors. I've participated in numerous art exhibitions and have been recognized for my work. However, the true reward for me is seeing my students evolve and grow as artists. There's nothing quite like the joy of witnessing a student's 'aha' moment when they finally master a technique or create something they are genuinely proud of.

Teaching art to kids and adults isn't just about imparting skills or knowledge; it's about prompting them to see the world through an artist's eyes – to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, find inspiration in the mundane, and express their thoughts and emotions through their creations.

I am Maria Kozak, an art teacher, a mentor, an artist, and above all, a passionate advocate for creativity. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of artistic exploration and self-expression.